A “Cool” Place to Stay – Visiting a Snow Castle

Can you imagine staying the night in a hotel room made out of snow? Or having dinner in a restaurant where the walls are made out of ice? It might sound a bit surreal, but it is actually possible if you visit the Snow Castle. In the largest snow castle in the world, you might experience snow and ice in a whole new way!

Situated in Kemi, Finnish Lapland, the Snow Castle is open annually from January to April. It is entirely constructed out of snow and ice apart from some furnishings inside the castle, and has to be rebuilt each year. Therefore, each year the castle looks a little different – if always quite beautiful, especially on the inside. The area covered by the castle changes, too: throughout the years, it has varied between 13 000 and over 20 000 square meters.

Despite the variation in the Snow Castle’s architecture, certain elements are always present: a restaurant, hotel rooms, and even a small chapel can be found in the castle from year to year. And apart from the fact that they are mostly constructed out of snow, these places function just as their every-day counterparts would.

In the restaurant, you might enjoy dinner at a table made out of ice, while sitting on a chair that is also of the same material. For the brave ones, it is even possible to drink a shot from a glass made out of ice! The food, however, will be served hot, and the chair is covered with a reindeer skin, so enjoying a meal should be quite possible. 😉

In the Snow Chapel, which is open for all confessions, it is possible to organize wedding ceremonies and christenings – and during the years, dozens of such events have taken place in this unusual chapel.

As for the hotel rooms, the air inside is always guaranteed to be nice and fresh, with a temperature of about -5 degrees Celsius. It might sound rather scary, but according to the hosts of the Castle, hotel guests sleep quite comfortably in sleeping bags made for arctic conditions. And apparently, if you remember to wear a hat, as well, you’ll be just fine!

Visiting the Snow Castle is undoubtedly a unique and unforgettable experience, especially for those who choose to stay there overnight. If you are wondering what it all looks like, why not check out the video below. It is a visual tour of the latest Snow Castle – enjoy!


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