A Czech Phenomenon: What’s Večerníček?

Večerníček is not just an animated everyday TV bedtime story in Czech Republic. Večerníček is a phenomenon. Ask any Czech child – every one of them can tell you what it is, when it begins and which story is their favourite 🙂 And also the parents and grandparents know – as they were children they also looked forward to every new episode. Let’s have a look at some unknown facts about it!

Since when have we been watching Večerníček?

The Czech television began to broadcast on 25th of February 1954. The forerunner of today’s Večerníček was created in 1963 – its name was Stříbrné zrcátko (The silver mirror) and was broadcasted every Sunday. Very popular was the fairytale Robot Emil. The real Večerníček started one year later – on 2nd January 1965 and the first fairytale was Kluk a kometa (directed by Ludvík Ráž, starring Černé divadlo and Štěpánka Haničincová). On 2nd January 2011 Večerníček had 46th birthday that was celebrated also by Google – have a look at the special anniversary logo.

How did the signature tune of Večerníček crop up?

Since its very beginning, Večerníček has started with the same signature tune! A small boy in a newspaper hat wishes a good evening to children and invites them into the fairytale. This signature tune is the oldest Czech TV signature tune ever and probably one of the oldest in Europe. The visual part was created by Radek Pilař, the music by Ladislav Simon and the director was Václav Bedřich. The voice of Večerníček belongs to at that time five-year-old boy Michal Citavý.

What fairytales does Večerníček present?

The most used technology is cartoon and puppet animation. There is only one actor’s VečerníčekKrkonošské pohádky (Fairytales from Giant Mountains). Of course, also foreign fairytales are presented, but my favorite fairytales are the Czech ones. Broučci, Včelí medvídci, Rákosníček, Štaflík a Špagetka, Spejbl a Hurvínek, Krteček, Maxipes Fík and others. If you want to have a look at my fairytale heroes, open the gallery or watch the videos.

Do you also have some Večerníček in your country?

Bibliography: http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/program/vecernicek


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