A day in Umbria


What would you eat in Umbria, the green heart of Italy?

The Italian cuisine varies by region. Umbria is typically known for game animals, olive oil, truffles and a wide range of seasonal forest products, such as asparagus, berries, mushrooms, etc… we cook them mostly with pasta, pizza or we enrich them with common spices and dressings such as olive oil, rosemary, basil, sage, laurel or parsley.

A typical Umbrian dish is penne alla norcina. This is the best example of Umbrian way of cooking. The main ingredients are cream, truffles and a regional sausage called salsiccia. Salsicce and truffles are beloved among Umbrian citizens and are also well known out of the region. Black truffles and sausage are mainly produced in Norcia (a small town in the south of the region) but are commonly used throughout the country.

Pasta and sausage – accompanied by seasonal vegetables are, for instance, the main course during the meal. So, let´s see what you would it in your one-day visit in Umbria.


Cornetto and cappuccino, of course. Depending on their own habits, some people may drink espresso or espresso macchiato and eats cookies or another pastry instead of cornetto and cappuccino. In any case the breakfast is very fast and simple, which is always a big problem for foreign people that are used to eating a lot in the morning.


Pasta!! After a trip to Italy some German friends asked me to explain why they ate pasta (different kinds of, but still, pasta) for the entire duration of their stay in Italy. Italians are constantly associated with pasta; the most famous Italian dishes are made by pasta (Carbonara, Arrabbiata, Bolognese, etc…) and yet there are still some people amazed to see we eat it on a daily basis!


Much lighter than lunch, dinner usually consists of pasta or vegetable soup and different kind of sausages (ham, salami, mortadella, etc…), vegetables and cheeses.

If you go to a restaurant and assuming you don’t decide to go for pizza, you will try some local game specialities complemented by at least two bottles of wine (one white and one red), of course.

A bottle of sweet sparkling wine is also needed to complement the dessert, which is usually a Tiramisù!

To learn more about Italian pasta try this quiz.

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