A Dutch living in Taiwan: No swear words allowed

Living in Taiwan is a great experience, here’s why:

First of all: THE FOOD IS AMAZING, but I bet you hear this from everyone who has been to any country in Asia. I didn’t have a kitchen to my disposal, but I didn’t see that as a punishment most of the times. You eat all of your meals out. On the way to school or work you grab a sandwich, a rice porridge or a cong you bing. Then for lunch you can have anything; rice with vegetables, noodles or maybe some dumplings. And for dinner it’s the same, you can basically have anything, although sometimes you can go out with some friends and have either hotpot or go for one of the many asianized ‘Italian Pasta’ places. More than enough good food I’d say.

My second reason why Taiwan is great is the people. The locals are the sweetest people I’ve ever met. They are always willing to help you out, no matter how big the language barrier! Best example; I came into a shop, looking for a bathing suit, being Dutch in Taiwan is not great when looking for anything to put on your body.. socks are fine, but anything else is just complete horror. This woman behind the counter didn’t speak any English and it was just difficult to communicate, but instead of saying she couldn’t help me, she called a friend who would then be our personal translator. And this is basically how every local in Taiwan is towards others, it’s truly heart-warming.

And last, but certainly not the least reason is the language. It has been an absolute treat learning a language so different from my own. Turns out Chinese is quite easy. One of my former colleagues explains why. The only hard part are the tones, at least in my experience. Often you would say something and they wouldn’t understand, but then when they said it correctly you get the feeling; That’s what I said!?. Oh and a tip; don’t ask for swear words.. they exist, but you won’t really be able to use them anyways.For what I’ve experienced, using swear words is not done. One I’ve learned that is quite neat for a swear word and it’s 放屁 (pinyin: FàngPì), meaning fart or to fart. But the language has so much beauty that the swearwords don’t even matter.

I know that I’ve fallen in love with this country and I bet that there are many more cases like me. If you ever want to write about your experience abroad please feel free to leave a message and maybe you can write a guest article for us one day!


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