A hamper of inspiration

What you are about to read is a hamper of inspiration. A hamper is “a straw basket” inside which you can put everything you want. This text can also be called a “bricolage”, i.e., a “patchwork quilt”. Bricolage is a concept developed by Lévi-Strauss and, in simple words, means that we are all made up of small memories and influences that, altogether like a patchwork quilt, can define who we are. Hope you enjoy the text!

I would like to be a musician, a dancer, a poet, a novelist, a creative. No, it doesn’t need to be all at once, only one of the talents mentioned above would be sufficient! Why do I desire this? Because watching musicians, poets and famous writers, I can observe the passion that they attribute to their jobs. Of course I’m talking about the greatest artists, those who actually love what they do. I believe, and imagine, that these artists are endowed with such sensitivity that for them just living is enough to find inspiration for their music and lyrics.
From age to age, we can find among all different cultures, incredible personalities that have revolutionized, in one way or another, their own time and age. Those persons made the world as it is today.

I especially appreciate the life story of the Italian painter Modigliani. Maybe because when I was younger I watched a beautiful movie about his life. For whatever reason, I never forgot the movie or Modigliani’s work. He had a hard and poor life. Nevertheless, he was deeply in love with his wife and with his work. If you’ve had the opportunity to see a work of Modigliani, you must have noticed that in many of his pictures he didn’t paint people’s eyes. It is said that he did so because Modi (as his friends called him) believed that eyes were, indeed, the window to people’s soul. Therefore, he would only paint someone’s eye when he truly knew the person. I like this particular story, because I believe that it reveals some of the painter’s convictions.

I’m currently listening to the new album of the new band “Superheavy”. The band might be new but its members have already a long musical road, they are Mick Jagger, Joss Stone, Damian Marley (Bob Marley’s son), Dave Stewart and AR Rahman. Each one of these singers has its own diverse style. This is why I was very curious to hear this album, after all it is an unusual mixture of all sorts. Again, while listening to the album I imagine how interesting it must have been – the experience of these musicians who came out of their comfort zones and rushed to create everything new again, each one contributing with his, or her, style and learning from the others’ “sounds”.

I assembled a painter of the early twentieth century and a new band of this century in the same text, for both arouse curiosity in me about their lives and feelings. After all, both works touched my sensitivity to a point that I wanted to write about them. Obviously this text cannot be compared to their works, but it brings the right side of my brain, responsible for creativity, in motion.

Here I could also add the learning of different languages, because I believe that a new language can also arouse my curiosity and creativity. So what awakens your creativity, what puts you in motion and “provokes” your life?


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