A lesson of French romanticism: for Valentine’s Day, declare your love in public!

401px-Eiffel_Tower.According to a survey, 47% of French people will be celebrating Valentine’s day this year, including 72% among the couples who don’t live together yet.

So, apart from going out to the restaurant, the movie theatre, offering chocolates, flowers or kissing under the Eiffel tower, what can you do in France on this special day to prove your love to your bien-aimé?

For those who live in Paris or Annecy for instance, the city offers the possibility of displaying sweet words, love declarations or even proposals in the street, on… the city backlit information signs! A modern way for urban poets to share their feelings, as you can see in the video below.

The last one says: “I love you once, I love you twice, I love you more than rice and green peas”
Rouen decided to offer something slightly different: displaying love messages on the 300 screens of the city underground and buses.

And because Valentine’s day is also the perfect time to target single people, Meetic has thought about them too. A Cocooning Truck will be driving around Paris between February 12th and 14th, redesigned as a beauty centre. Massage, manicure, skin treatment, etc, it has everything you need to feel fabulous! However, only single people will be allowed to enter it – how do they check it? That is the question.

Do you have similar operations going on in your respective countries for Valentine’s day? Do you think it is very romantic or maybe a bit too much?


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