A little bit of Tango

The Argentinean Tango is a dance so sensual and complex that most of the people become spellbound when they see the movements so coordinated and the very perfect complicity between the couple’s movements. Buenos Aires has been the capital of Tango since 19th century. Originally this dance was performed by dancers from the lower class and since then has been moving up. Nowadays it’s a dance of middle and upper class. In Europe and the United States dancing became popular in the early 1900s.

Tango originated in poor neighborhoods of Argentina, in bars, clubs and popular theaters, today they are often tourist spectacles. The Tango started as a folk dance, a mixture of Creole, Spanish and African popular dances, and back then Tango was a dance not only for male-female couples, but also between men.

Tango includes steps such as: sitting, the creek, the bolero and scissors. The musical style of tango is a dance with poetic lyrics, vocal and instrumental performance, each with a different origin and evolution.

The initial Tangos do not contain letters, although there were always improvising musicians at the time to play the songs. The musicians issued exclamations of admiration when one of the dancers made a spectacular movement on the dance floor. Thus were born the lyrics of tango songs.

So why not start to Tango?


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