A little piece of Danish culture – Beer

In Denmark, we have always been drinking a lot of beer. It dates back to the Viking period, where the Northern, and in particular the Danish Vikings drank mead – what they in Danish called “mjød”. Mead is to to be confused with beer, but it is said, that mead was the inspiration for beer.

For a long time Carlsberg and Tuborg beers have been the most popular beer brands in Denmark – and if you ask me, those are still the best ones! Within the past decades, many other beer sorts have come into the market – and were naturally also sold right away, since Danes are very interested in beer, beer drinking and beer tasting.

Some of the new beer sorts come from small local breweries. You can see an overview of the breweries here. One of the most famous ones is Fur Bryghus – they brew very good beer, and many different sorts of beer. Here you can definitely find a beer you like.

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If you ever are in Denmark, you should visit a brewery; it is always a cozy thing to do. Furthermore, it is probably not that far to a brewery, no matter where in little, lovely Denmark you are. In the link above, there is a list of the breweries, and you can google which one is closer to you.



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