A little piece of Danish hip-hop

If you are planning on going to Denmark in the nearest future, you have something to look forward to. In the summertime, there are many small concerts all over the country. In the Danish amusement park, Tivoli in Copenhagen there is a concert every Friday starting from May, called Fredagsrock. The summer is almost over, which means the last concert of this year is coming closer. The Danish hip-hop group Suspekt will end it all on September 18th.

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Here you can see the entrance to Tivoli, Copenhagen.

In order to explore a little piece of Denmark, I would recommend anyone who is in Denmark at that time, to go to the concert – Suspekt is famous for throwing a gigantic party, with their music, dance and the rest of the show.

The band has been active since 1997 and has just released a single called Søndagsbarn in cooperation with another Danish artist called Lukas Graham. Their texts have always been rather harsh, and therefore nothing that teenage parents like their kids to listen to. However, this is what in my opinion also says a lot about Danish music culture. Danes say what they like, and they sing what they like.



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