A Logophile and Some of Her Favorite Words

I have a profound love for words.

I love reading them in a sentence, I love saying them and I also love collecting them. Yes. Some people collect stamps and postcards, while me… I collect words. I have a notebook and a Pinterest board where I keep all the beautiful words I come across to.

That’s how much I love words.

I’m not going to go into detail on why I love words because that would be a one page article on its own. Instead, I will tell you some of my favorite words both in English and also in other languages.

Eigengrau (n.)

It’s a German word for the dark grey you see in the absence of light.

Chiaroscuro (n.)

is an artistic technique that describe the use of the exaggeration light contrast.

Discombobulate (v.)

To discombobulate is to confuse or disconcert someone. I found this word when it was used as a title for a musical piece written for the Sherlock Holmes motion picture and find it to be a very whimsical word.

두근두근 (adv.)


In Korean this word is the word used to describe the sound of the beating or the thumping of your heart.

Madrugada (n.)

Madrugada is a Portuguese word for dawn

Prozvonit (v.)

In English this Czech word means to drop a call. If you want the longer explanation: it’’s the act of calling someone and hanging up before they pick up so the caller doesn’t have to pay for the call.

Kemuning (a.)

Lastly, this is my favorite Indonesian word. It’’s the word for the color red-gold or also known as titian.

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