A Love Song in Many Languages

If you ever had an international boy- or girlfriend you have probably faced some language problems. Thankfully, love helps enormously when it comes to difficulties in communication. Nevertheless, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to sing a love song in the language of your beloved? Like a real Romeo or Juliet you can choose a song with many strophes. You can also do it the 21th-century-way by picking just one strophe that expresses your feelings the best way. The German cabaret performer and musician Bodo Wartke has probably faced the same problems as mentioned above, for he wrote a fantastic love song with strophes in many different languages. Your language is most likely included! Just watch the video.

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This version of the song ‘Liebeslied’ (love song in German) was performed at Das große Kleinkunstfestival in 2008 in the cabaret theater Die Wühlmäuse in Berlin, Germany. During that festival where young talents in cabaret, comedy and music can perform, Bodo Wartke won the popular prize. In the video above he sings in German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Serbian, Latin and Turkish with a German accent which is typical for the Berlin quarter Kreuzberg. Every strophe contains just three sentences, in which a very nice and loving meaning has been put into words. The strophes even rime in most languages. The English strophe goes like this:
I want to sing it in every language for you, baby
Play on every instrument to say these words to you
Believe me it is true, I love you

Between the strophes he jokes about some languages, for example the Dutch version. The Dutch phrase for ‘I love you’ is ‘Ik hou van jou ‘, but the Dutch word ‘hou’ is pronounced the same way as the German word ‘hauen’, which means to whop somebody. So, pay attention when you say those words to your German boy- or girlfriend.

If your language is not included in this song or if you want to compose your own love song with one or more strophes, you can use the Lovesong Generator. This composing machine enables you to choose the strophes you want and build a song of them. You can choose from many languages as well as several German and Swiss dialects. When you have finished your personal composed love song, you can download the song or send it to your friend. The ultimate surprise for your beloved!


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