A Rainy Day


Monsoon season is the season of lovers. Indian summers drain the earth of all water and soon the earth is said to be longing for the monsoons to quench its thirst. This is often taken as a metaphor. Before lovers find each other they are compared to the thirsty earth waiting for love to shower upon them. It is Bollywood’s favourite season. Some of the best romantic and raunchy numbers in Bollywood are picturized in or about the rain. The first image that comes to mind when we think of rain is प्यार हुआ इकरार हुआ from Shri 420. The simple lyrics and the almost plain picturization of a goodhearted tramp and a shy school teacher sharing an umbrella in the rain melt your heart. Since then began the long romance of monsoon and Bollywood. A good rain song with a beautiful rain drenched heroine and a hero with libido running high can never be considered old fashioned. It could be said that Bollywood has entrenched a deep relationship between love and rain in the Indian mind.

There are several folk songs that describe the indication of heavy rains in the skies and the promise of good harvest and consequently a prosperous year. Several Indian festivals like Lohri, Pongal, Shravan etc celebrate the arrival of the monsoons. Indian consciousness has been trained to look at the rain as the harbinger of happiness.

While all over the world rain is considered bad weather, here we wait for the monsoons in anticipation of good times. Thus, a phrase like saving for a rainy day becomes meaningless in Hindi. While in English ‘rainy day’ is considered as a miserable time, ‘saving for a rain day’ comes to mean to preserve so that it can be used during the time of need. But rainy day translated in Hindi is बरसात, which in itself brings to mind happy thoughts and a feeling of excitement. Similarly, dark clouds and cold winds in English indicate a looming crisis. But in Hindi these same words translated describe the anticipation a female heart feels before her lover comes to met her: ठंडी हवा काली घटा आ ही गई झूम के/प्यार लिए डोले हसीन नाचे जिया घूम के (Mr. and Mrs. 55).

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