A retrospective of our 5 best Lexiophiles in English of 2013

There’s some change coming in the air. Lexiophiles will very soon go through some alterations to make sure your experience as a reader will be lived to its fullest. We are preparing some exciting new features and you will definitely enjoy them!
In the meantime, let’s have a look at the articles that got the best ranking in visits last year, carefully written by the amazing staff of bab.la‘s huge family!

5 – English Humour vs. American Humor – Is There a Difference?
If you live among internationals (or have cable TV), you will find that the States and the UK have very different concepts of humor. Would you agree with that? take a read at Emma‘s article and find out.

4 – The Relationship between Language and Culture
This article brings some nice insights for you about these two topics that have so many different interpretations and bring so many different points of view.

3 – Clothes sizes: US vs. Europe
For those who are interested in fashion, travel a lot and love some shopping, buy clothes in general – for basically anyone who is not a nudist – Asia wrote a very useful article comparing sizes of clothes between North America and Europe.

2 – 10 most difficult English words to pronounce
I personally think that, when it comes to English pronunciation, the word Jewelry is a bitch. Check out Dagmar‘s list and tell us if you agree.

1 – Top List of the hardest languages to learn
Jonas did some research and got to this list of Languages that, due to several different aspects, are incredibly complicated to learn.

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