A reward for having sex… in Paris!

The Danish branch of the travel agency Thomas Cook launched a new advertising campaign called “Do it for Denmark!”, targeting Danish people to have a little getaway to the French capital. Why, you ask?
As it turns out, the birth rate in Denmark is too low to support the aging population. No solution has been found so far and the country, said to be the happiest in the world, is getting worried about its future.
Besides, a study revealed that Danish people have 46% more sex on holiday – which would imply a correlation between abstinence and happiness if you look at the last two pieces of information! The travel agency takes advantage of such stats to encourage Danes to travel to romantic and not-so-far destinations, like Paris, and have sex there (as a couple, not with the locals!).
As extra motivation, you can book your tickets and benefit from the “ovulation discount”. If you get pregnant, prove that it happened during your stay and you will win enough baby-related stuff for 3 years, and a child friendly holiday! Moreover, as mentioned at the end of the promotional video, “all the fun is in the participation”, so even if you can’t or don’t want to get pregnant, everyone is entitled to get the ovulation discount!


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