A Slightly Different Christmas-The Most Interesting Nativity Scenes

As you know, Poland is a very religious country. Accordingly, our Christmas differs from those celebrated in other places. But are you sure? Today I will tell you about a tradition that has survived on almost every continent.

In every place, where Christianity has appeared over the years, the tradition of re-staging the nativity scene became very popular. Its history dates back to 1224, when the Italian Catholic friar Saint Francis of Assisi recreated the Jesus birth scene in Greccio (Italy). It was the first real-size nativity scene with people and animals involved. Perhaps that is why the idea was liked so much all over Europe.

From the XIII century to the present day, nativity scenes have shrunk to today’s mostly miniature size, but have not lost its popularity. Over the years, it also became an inspiration for art. In Poland, the nativity sets are being put almost everywhere – in churches, at homes or at schools.       

Every Polish person knows how it is supposed to look like, therefore I will present some of the most original nativity arrangements from all over the world.

1. Russia

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Matryoshka dolls – are the traditional Russian toys made of wood. Hand-painted or carved they contain smaller dolls inside. Usually, artists design female characters in traditional costumes, but the arrangement of the Christmas nativity scene inspired by matryoshka dolls also has its own special charm.

2. Argentina









 The figures made of clay perfectly show the look of inhabitants. We can also see the traditional Argentinean costumes and even the three kings have different crowns.

 3. African Countries










This nativity scene was definitely inspired by the tribes. Figures are dressed in colourful costumes, one of the women even brings fruit on her head. Instead of a donkey or a lamb we can see a camel.

 4. Honduras




In the end: nothing too special, but take a look at the little Jesus in the middle of summer surrounded by beautiful cactuses in the background. And moreover, this makes one thing clear: No matter what culture you come from, Christmas is full of magic.

  With that said, I wish all of you a Merry Christmas!







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