A very special sport

Who would have thought that it were possible to do sports while drinking beer? And not just beer, but also anise alcohol? I bet some people think it wouldn’t be possible since alcohol isn’t usually the best exercise buddy. Fortunately, for those ones who always wished it were I have great news: there is a sport in which you’re supposed to drink beer.

In 2000, “tejo” became a national sport in Colombia. This sport was played by the natives in Cundinamarca 500 years ago. They used a 1,5 pound golden disk, called “turmequé”. After it became popular, it was played with a stone disk and then a metal disk which is used nowadays. This disk, called tejo, is a 9cmx4cm.
The field is 19,50m long. This is the distance between the goal (bocín) and the zone where the players are. The bocín is a 15 cm circle with some triangles made of gunpower called mechas. The idea is to throw the tejos to make the mechas explode. In case no mecha explodes, the winner is the person or the team whose tejo is closer to the bocín.

The natives usually drank the common chicha. These days we have replaced it with beer and also some other spirits like aguardiente, an anise drink.

In spite of the fact that it’s a very cool sport, it’s not very common among the young people. In case you are interested in Colombia there are some championships. You can play alone, with a partner or in a team, it’s up to you!

If you have never heard about tejo, I’d suggest you watch this video and get to know this wonderful game.

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