A walk along Lake Geneva…

The city of Lausanne is the fourth largest city of Switzerland and a cultural hub in the very heart of Europe.

Built on the north side of Lake Geneva, the city has enjoyable weather – winters are mild and summers warm. There is no bad season to visit Lausanne!

Linguistically speaking, Switzerland is famous for its four official languages: German, Italian, French and Romansch. The inhabitants of Lausanne will heartily greet you in French, although most speak more than one language.

Lausanne is a city dear to many writers. Let us mention Georges Simenon, Benjamin Constant and Alejo Carpentier who all resided in Lausanne.
Among the numerous buildings whose architecture will doubtlessly leave you in awe, the Gothic cathedral Notre Dame de Lausanne and the Châteaux d’Ouchy and Sainte-Maire are the most famous ones.

The Olympic capital is also a proud green city. There are indeed many parks and green areas, not to mention the splendid botanical garden.

Finally, a word of Lausanne Tourisme to highlight the charms of its hometown.

Lausanne Tourisme is an economic association recognised by the authorities of the city of Lausanne with the aim of promoting tourism and stimulating the development in Lausanne and its region.

Welcome to Lausanne, Olympic Capital, it is a destination like no other! So richly blessed by nature, it boasts all the advantages of a major Swiss city and a small European metropolis, thanks to its exceptional range of attractions, services, schools of every level, sporting and cultural amenities, care centres, hotels, restaurants and shops.


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