A Week of Italian Sweetness

If you are a cake lover as well as a language lover, you are in the right place. The thought of another working week is scaring you? These seven Italian desserts will make your week sweeter.

Monday Tiramisù

Its name can be roughly translated as “pick me up” but also “cheer me up”, which is exactly what we all need on Mondays. Its origin is not clear and there are several theories about it; for instance, some people say that it is due to its aphrodisiac properties while others claim that it is named after the surname of the inventor’s goddaughter.

TuesdayPalline al cocco

This dessert consists of small balls (“palline”) made with ricotta, cacao and coconut flour. It is refreshing and it will boost your mood!



Wednesday Babà

This small Neapolitan cake is saturated in rum and filled with whipped cream. A Polish king dedicated it to Ali Babà, the protagonist of One Thousand and One Nights, therefore its name. It is so good that Neapolitans use the dialectal expression “si nu’ babbà” to say that a person is bighearted or refer generally to something good as being “nu’ babà”.

IT_canoli_Intext5ThursdayZuppa inglese

From its name, we can understand the origin of this cake. It is indeed the equivalent of the English trifle. Its invention dates back to the Renaissance.




This home-made dessert is perfect for every time of the day: be it for breakfast or with coffee after lunch, this sweet moment will set you in the right mood to face the last working day of the week.



Having breakfast with your friends in a coffee shop is an authentic Italian experience. It usually involves “cappuccino e cornetto”. Make sure to revise the vocabulary you will need with our test about “La colazione al bar”.



SundayCannolo siciliano

A delicious way to end a Sunday dinner is having one of these Sicilian desserts. They are tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough with a creamy filling containing ricotta.



For more amazing Italian cakes, take our test about Italian desserts!



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