A World Of Words

Words can be spoken and heard, as well as be written and read, but they can also move and be watched. We all know language in its written and static form, but language in its visualized form is perhaps less known. Time for a change!

On YouTube and several other video channels on the internet you can watch videos in which typography is the main character (literally). Graphic in motion, motion typography, type in motion and kinetic typography are the right terms to describe this form of graphic design. These forms of visual design all have the similarity of making words and typography come alive. Words and sentences can be used as visual elements. The words themselves have their own meaning and in combination with the other words and graphic elements surrounding them, they build an image. Because we as viewers know the meaning of the words, we can visualize an image in our imagination. Graphic in motion offers images and the viewer has the possibility to add his own fantasy to it. Examples of this art form are title sequences of films and television series, commercials and music videos.

A very nice example of graphic in motion is the music video ‘The Child’ of French DJ Alex Gopher. The award-winning video is made by the French graphic designer Antoine Bardou-Jacquet. The video tells the story of a young couple in New York trying to get to a hospital as fast as possible, since the woman is about to give birth. Sitting in a taxi, they rush through the hectic city life and traffic of New York. The video shows a large city with skyscrapers which you fly into. All the elements you see are made out of words. E.g. skyscrapers are visualized by the word ‘skyscraper’ or ‘high building’. Although it´s just words and characters, you feel the tension of the couple during the hurried ride to the hospital. On the way you pass by some typical New York buildings and sights. You have to watch the video a couple of times to see all the fantastic details. Enjoy it!

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