Add the Languages you Speak

The title of this article may sound familiar to you… This sentence appears on a Facebook profile page, in the About me -> Edit section. There is nothing apparently special about this item. For Facebook it is better if you list the languages you speak because then they can easily display advertisement in the correct language.
But here is the curious fact: If you start typing in a language in the square box, you can find something else than common languages. People are so original and instead of putting things like, I speak English, Spanish, Chinese and so on, they put things like Spanglish, sexy French, and every language that ever existed.
Here are some funny examples that I have found so far. Maybe it can be inspiration for those who wish to put something more original in their profile.

Some languages options for Facebook are:
With Reverso, any language
The art of seduction
All With a Smile and a Sweet Southern Drawl accent
All the perverted languages in the world
Swears like a drunken sailor
Ecclesiastical Latin
Whatever women want to hear
Why do u care what languages I can speak?
baby language gugu gaga
Sexy talk
German, not really, actually never mind. Das it egal
The language of love


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