The adorable hosts of Winter Olympics 2014

Most of you who have ever been to Sochi were usually welcomed by sunshine, warm Black Sea water in summer and snow- filled mountains in winter. However, those who decided to visit Sochi in winter 2014, were welcomed by this adorable trio.

Polar bear, Leopard and Hare are the hosts of the Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi. You may ask: “What brings these three together and why they were chosen as mascots of Olympics 2014”? The reason is rather simple.

The aim was not just to encourage a strong and healthy spirit of the Games, but also to promote the general aspects of Russian history and culture. The interesting thing is that it was the first time in the Olympic Games history, when the mascots were chosen by citizens of the host country. In 2008, along with president elections, there was another election taking place. Anyone had the opportunity to vote for a mascot that, in their opinion, would be the best representative of the Olympics 2014 in Sochi. According to the voting results, Polar Bear, Leopard and Hare were granted the right to appear on the pages of the Winter Olympics history.

I may bet that not all of you know what these animals actually symbolize and what the legends that are hidden behind it all are. Therefore, here is a small insight for you:

The mascot of Polar Bear, which symbolizes strength, already for many years, has been representing Russia as a strong and independent country always ready to succeed. As the legend tells, he lives beyond the Arctic Circle on a shelf of thin ice. He grew up in a family of Arctic explorers and from early childhood he enjoyed doing different kind of sports. However, his hobby is riding sports sleighs.

Leopard indicates speed.
This mascot combines the features of a courageous and honorable animal that is always ready to support and come for help.
According to the legend, he lives at the top of the highest mountain of Caucasus and cannot imagine his life without a snowboard. He is very cheerful, friendly and loves to dance.

1512626_268314623293372_1888355196_nThe third chosen mascot, Hare, is a symbol of agility. Looking at her no one can stay insensitive. From the first days of voting process this lovely creature owned the thousands of people hearts. The legend says that Hare is the most energetic and active inhabitant in the whole winter forest. She does not only get the best grades at the Forest Academy, but also helps her mom with the family restaurant and takes part in various sport competitions.

As you might have seen from the videos, none of these creatures had simple and easy past in their life. However, they managed to find strength and motivation to achieve fame and success. Isn’t it a great example for our athletes? For sure it is! So, let this amazing trio bring a lot of luck to all the athletes and inspire them to new achievements and victories! Success to all of them!


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