Águilas Carnival: carnavaleño spirit

My name is Andrés, I am 27 years old, and I am a “carnavaleño”.

ES_intext1ENES“Carnavaleños” is the title of a documentary about the Carnival in Águilas (Spain) by the local journalist Alfonso Soler. It´s also the clever combination of two words: carnaval (Spanish for carnival) and aguileño (inhabitant of my beautiful hometown Águilas). We aguileños are so crazy about our carnival, that I do not think there is a better way to refer to us.

It may seem an exaggeration, but it is always carnival in Águilas. We even celebrate a Summer Canival so our summer visitors become aware of what they miss in February. That´s, at least, the official version of the story. The fact is, though, that we can´t go more than six months without putting on a costume! Our life revolves around the next costume, so it is fair to say every Carnival in Águilas starts at the very moment the previous one has ended.

Right after Christmas we decide the costume we will be wearing each Carnival day. Then we start searching for everything –fabric, wigs, make-up and all kind of accessories– we need to impress everyone. Furthermore, we start preparing the cascarones (eggs shells, emptied and refilled with confetti) and the cuerva (enhanced version of the typical sangria and official drink of the Carnival).

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Carnival programme

Mussona Thursday

22:00. Release of the Mussona

Being unique in the world, this ferocious character in a costume made of esparto grass –key driver of the local economy in the past– is the symbol of the beast inside us that we are allowed to release during Carnival.

24:00. Party in the streetsES_intext5ENES_Carnival









 Carnival Friday

22:00. Party in the streets


Carnival Saturday

14:00. Lunch with friends

17:00. Party in the streets


22:00. Battle between Don Carnal (Carnival) and Doña Cuaresma (Lent)

He, symbol of joy and fun, and she, symbol of abstinence and purification before Easter, fight a symbolic battle where the only weapons used are their words and the aforementioned cascarones.

22:30. Speech of the Muse of the Carnival

22:45. Official Opening Speech

23:00. Party in the streets

 Carnival Sunday

18:00. 1st Great Carnival Parade.

Many of us, after dancing all night long, wake up early to be ready on time.


Carnival Monday

22.00. Night Carnival

This is the biggest day for us the carnavaleños. As Carnival Tuesday is a bank holiday in our town, we all gather together at the Plaza de España Square to show our most original costumes. We can even bring the dead back to life!


Miley Cyrus feat. Freddie Mercury

 Carnival Tuesday

18:00. 2nd Great Carnival Parade

 2nd Carnival Friday

22:00. Party in the streets

We are so badass, that our Carnival goes on even after Ash Wednesday.


Piñata Saturday

18:00. 3rd Great Carnival Parade

22:00. Party in the streets






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