AIESEC – Do you want to travel around and meet inspiring people from all over the world?

Do you want to travel around the world and get invaluable work experience? Do you want to get to know international students from different parts of the world who will inspire your life? Are you currently a university student or a recent graduate? Then AIESEC is just the right thing for you. AIESEC (an acronym for Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales) is the largest international student-run organization with over 50000 members in 107 countries. AIESEC offers its members a number of learning opportunities including international internship placements, global student conferences and congresses, etc. Here we look at the most exciting international experience AIESEC offers: international internships.

A developer for an IT company in Holland, an English teacher in a village in India…
Every year, roughly 10000 members get to work abroad for both short-term and long-term placements through AIESEC. Internships can be divided into 4 categories: Management/Development/Technical/Education

Management internships are good for business students as they entail working in finance, administration, accounting, marketing etc. But if you have what it takes for a specific company, the door is open for everyone. Development internships normally involve working in a developing country/community cooperating with local NGOs and AIESEC members. It is great for social science students. But it is of course open for everyone as long as you have interest and, more importantly, the passion. This could be your life-changing experience as you look at your life from different perspectives!

Are you good with children or do you enjoy teaching? There are plenty of opportunities in education sector, such as teaching languages in schools and other subjects in demand globally. If you are a computer person, technical internships would be interesting for you. A typical example would be work in IT companies related to software/web development and marketing. But there are many other posts for those who study computer science and engineering.

This is merely a brief overview of the AIESEC internships. Once you become a member, you will get a broader picture and access to the enormous database of global internships!

And it is not only about working.
Working in a foreign country is an already great experience itself. But it offers more than that. It is about local culture you immerse yourself in. It is about local people and students you get to know, networks of people you create and friendships you nurture. Don’t be afraid. Once you go on an internship, members of local AIESEC committee in respective area are there to help you and support you throughout your stay. Worried about financing? Luckily, most internship placements through AIESEC are paid work with enough salary to cover your living cost (not the case for development internships in which you will be provided with board and lodging). So if you are ready to step out of your comfort zone, don’t hesitate to contact an AIESEC committee in your area and get it started today.

For more information, visit the AIESEC website.


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