Amsterdam – a trip with mushrooms!

I have recently been to Amsterdam for a weekend with some friends. In just a couple of days you don’t really have much time, so what you can do is try to squeeze all the things you want to do in that time. Yes exactly, TRY.

We ended up doing just a couple of things, which is not that bad if you think of a group of young people coming home late after partying 🙂

So here is what a young people group did:

– Heineken tour: as you might know, Amsterdam is the city where this beer was created, so of course they have an interactive museum about it. Why interactive? Well, included in the ticket there were 2 beer samples, and a kind of 4D cinema, where we could feel how they produce beer. Moreover, with the same ticket we could do a short guided boat trip in the canals of Amsterdam. But beware, you might lose some parts of the explanation because it seems that the slow and dangling movements of the boat have a particular slumber power 😀 (in fact some of my trip mates were actually sleeping!).

– Free guided tour: a nice and humorous girl guided us through the streets of the city, walking with us in the rain (yes, Amsterdam is a rainy city). She also explained some history of the town and told some funny anecdotes about the red lights district. I can recommend this kind of tour, even if it’s raining because it’s totally worth it.

– The sign I Amsterdam: it’s actually close to the Van Gogh museum and it’s a good spot to take pictures. Always crowded.

– Trying to avoid crazy driven bikes! The Netherlands are a paradise for cycle lovers, there are plenty of bike paths. And in Amsterdam every citizen owns 2 bikes on average. Therefore they are e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e and they don’t like tourists apparently! 🙂 So be really careful while walking in the streets there.

– Coffee shops: this is the name for shops selling drugs (normally marijuana). You can find them in different forms: kind of cigarettes, cakes, magic mushrooms…it’s illegal someway, but they still sell them and there is a silent tolerance towards this. I don’t really get whether it’s legal or not there, but anyway you cannot bring it home.

– Clubs: some of course are in the red lights districts, some others in the city centre. But usually you need to pay to go in.

By the way even just walking without a destination you will notice the typical Amsterdam style houses and the canals spread throughout the city. It is also really relaxing to spend some time walking or sitting in one of the city parks.

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? Did you do any of the things listed up? 🙂


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