Animalistic linguistics! Top 3 expressions to make your language go animal!

It is said that animals and humans have a lot more in common than we think, and sometimes these similarities are reflected in our everyday speech. Have you ever stopped to think why the hardworking student is referred to as an eager beaver or why a booklover is called a bookworm? Below you’ll find three expressions that will help you to add an animal touch to your speech!




  • Wise as an owl

Owl has been the symbol of wisdom since Ancient Greece and even today it is associated with clever and intelligent people. Described as an owl can thus be taken as a compliment! However, be aware of cultural differences: for example in Finnish, owl can also mean a silly or a stupid person.






  • Sly as a fox

Since medieval tales, fox has been associated with cunning and deceiving attitude and it has become the symbol of trickery. However, new meanings and associations have emerged as well: while a sly person can still be described as a fox, fox can also be used when talking of a particularly good-looking woman.





  • Gentle as a lamb

Hearing the word lamb might give you an impression of a flock of sheep randomly wandering around, but the word also has a positive connotation. It is used as a symbol of gentle nature and in English as a synonym for a loved one. So if you get compared to a lamb, there’s no need to be offended: you’re most likely seen as a caring and compassionate person!





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