Are the Danes high on food?

For several centuries people had to fight for food just to survive. Nowadays we are getting into trouble because we have too much of it.

The human body does, from an evolutionary point of view, have a few basic needs, which must be fulfilled. One of the most important ones is food, since we are not able to survive without feeding our body with some energy. We teach our children the importance of food by telling them that their body is like a tiny machine or a car and therefore is dependent on gasoline to work.
This has been the role of food for ages – to assure our survival.

Contemporary European generations know about the tough circumstances under World War II, either from their own experiences or from their grandparents’ narratives. Back then the food was in very short supply and was rationed, for example in Denmark where you had to pay with small coupons to get sugar, coffee etc.
After the end of World War II, the Danish economy was stabilised and our way of considering food changed radically over time. To the new generations of people who were not affected by the war, or at least to many Danes, food is eaten for our pleasure and not for our survival. It has become an interest and for some people it is even a status symbol.

Danish culture is kind of considered as “ordering” us to always make sure that we are able to reach something edible. Otherwise we do not feel cosy, which is a feeling that Danes really appreciate. It would be very weird to us if we were invited somewhere for a cup of coffee, and our host did not serve us a piece of cake, some candies, buns or something else to eat. When we go for a walk in the forest we bring goodies in our pockets. When we drive for a trip on a Sunday we often bring a packed lunch. When we go on holiday we like to use our time considering where to have our next meal.
Are the Danes afraid of getting hungry and therefore always making sure to be near some food? The answer to this question would rather be that we have somehow become addicted to food. Scientific proofs show that “food makes you feel good” – especially the products with high sugar content release transmitter substance which makes us feel happier.

The way we consider food has changed a lot and has given rise to a direct overconsumption.
This means that whereas less than 100 years ago we suffered from the absence of food, today we suffer from the presence of food because we might get unhealthy and weigh too much.
The Danish nation is repeatedly mentioned as “the happiest people on earth”. Maybe we are so happy because we are always eating or planning on our next meal…

Do you eat because you are hungry or just because you would like to have some food?

  • I only eat when I am hungry
  • I normally eat because I am hungry
  • I normally eat because I like to
  • I always eat because I like to
  • I eat for both reasons
  • I don´t know

Total Voters: 10

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