Are You a Language Freak?

Over the years I’ve noticed that I might be a little bit more into languages and grammar than, let’s say, 70%* of the people my age. So I started wondering – am I overreacting? Are written accents just a little dash above or below letters? Does it really matter if you use adjectives and adverbs interchangeably as long as others understand what you mean? Is spelling really THAT important if you get your point across anyway? Well, if you’re part of that 30% * of people that care a lot about those “tiny” details I invite you to read this checklist to measure your level of freakiness:

  • You have a favorite word or a list of top favorite words (2 points)
  • When you have a word (foreign or not) on the tip of your tongue you stop doing whatever you were doing until you find out what it is (3 points)
  • You dream in other languages (1 point)
  • You’ve read a certain book but when somebody asks you, you can’t remember what language the book was in (2 points)
  • You underline or highlight words that you don’t understand… everywhere, in every situation (2 points)
  • You know how to say Thank you / Hello / Good Bye in at least 8 languages (1 point)
  • You have a little old notepad where you add new foreign words to learn (2 points)
  • You have tons of dictionaries hanging around and they seem to reproduce (1 point)
  • People always come to you as if you are a human spellchecker (3 points)
  • You write (or try to write) with excellent grammar and punctuation on Facebook, Twitter, etc (4 points)

Can you think of any other signals of language freakiness?

*Just guestimations.

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