Are you celebrating the European Day of Languages?

September 26th is the European Day of Languages. This initiative has been undertaken by the Council of Europe since 2001. Its broad aim is to encourage language leaning and ultimately plurilingualism, intercultural understanding, the promotion of the European linguistic diversity and life-long learning.

What does it mean to celebrate the European Day of Languages? A wide range of events has been organized across Europe. This year the focus is on the languages of schooling for learning, teaching, and communication: every child should have the chance to learn in his/her language in order to be successful at school.

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To get ready for the European Day of Languages, you can look up all the languages of the world on this map: you will see in which countries certain languages are spoken, and how many speakers they have. You can also test how much you know about languages with this fun quiz. To have a bit of fun with languages, you can vote for your favourite language taking part in the Language World Cup 2015. If you want to read more about language learning, you can flick through all the articles on Lexiophiles about this topic.

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So, are you celebrating the European Day of Languages? You can have a look at the programme of the events and vote for the most innovative event on the schedule! The activities include (but are not limited to) language picnics, competitions, quizzes, games, conferences, workshops, and open classes. To follow the latest updates on social media use the hashtag #EDLangs.

Happy European Day of Languages to everybody!


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