Art Museums in Hamburg

In the autumn, days get shorter, the wind blows you away, the rain gives you unexpected showers, in other words: it is time for indoor activities! What about visiting a museum? In Hamburg there are many nice museums which show different kinds of art from all centuries. You will find a few mentioned below. They are definitely worth visiting!

The Kunsthalle is the largest art museum in Hamburg and is located directly next to the central station. The museum is housed in two different but connected buildings, a classical building and a modern one. The huge collection of the museum includes old masters from the fourteenth to the eighteenth century, art from the 19th century, modern art and contemporary art. The collection of old masters focuses on art from North Germany as well as seventeenth century Dutch paintings. The collection of nineteenth century art has many works by German artists. This collection includes the most famous piece of German Romanticism, Wanderer Overlooking the Sea of Fog, from German artist Caspar David Friedrich. The modern art collection shows many great works from the first half of the twentieth century, such as works from Pablo Picasso, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Wassily Kandinsky, Franz Marc and Paul Klee. The contemporary art collection is housed in the modern building and the display of the pieces is being changed from time to time.

The Deichtorhallen are two exhibition halls, one for contemporary art and one for photography. The large buildings are former market halls built in the early twentieth century and the architecture of the museum is just as impressive as the works of art shown in the museum. The museum for modern and contemporary art was founded in 1989 and has organized many exhibitions throughout the years. The museum for photography was opened in 2005 and shows exhibitions on all aspects of photography, from contemporary photographers to the first photographic experiments from the 19th century.

Museum for Applied Arts
The Museum of arts and crafts is located in a large building south form the central station in Hamburg. The museum was founded in 1874 and was inspired by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The Hamburg museum has many collections with all different kinds of applied arts, like furniture, musical instruments, ceramics, textiles and graphic art like posters. The collections are presented in show windows as well as in interiors where visitors can walk through to see the art works in their original surroundings. Besides showing the collections the museum also organizes exhibitions on many different themes related to arts and crafts and contemporary design.

Bucerius Kunst Forum
The Bucerius Kunst Forum was founded in 2002 and is located directly next to the Hamburg city hall. The museum shows three or four different exhibitions a year, ranging from antique to contemporary art. The museum has no collection itself. The exhibitions show works of art related to a certain theme, an art movement or an artist. The current exhibition is about the paintings and drawings of the artist Marc Chagall. In recent years the museum showed among others the works of Henri Matisse, Edward Hopper, Auguste Rodin and Peter Paul Rubens. To every exhibition the museum offers lectures, tours through the museum and other activities. Besides that the museum has an extensive educational program for children and young people.


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