Asturias: The green land with Celtic roots

Asturias is a small region situated on the north coast of Spain. The climate is mild, not too cold in winter and not too hot in summer. It rains quite a lot, though. That is why it is so green and not many foreigners go there. They feel more attracted to hot sunny beaches in the south of Spain.

Asturias is a magic land, a green land that becomes mysterious when the mist covers its woods and fields… Thanks to its varied terrain, spectacular scenery which features rushing rivers, lush green forests and the “Picos de Europa” (Peaks of Europe) mountains, it is great for people who love hiking and peace.

The ‘capital’ of Asturias region is Oviedo, an old historic city. A notable film actor and director described Oviedo as: “A delicious, exotic, beautiful, clean, pleasant, tranquil and pedestrianised city.” Guess the name of the director: Woody Allen! Apparently he fell in love with the city when given a prize for the Arts in 2002 and since then he visits the city quite often.

This city has a special meaning for cider lovers. Local famous Sidra (Spanish Cider) is something that has to be tried at least once.
The alubias or white beans are the main ingredient of fabada which comes from this land and it is so successful that is tinned and exported to all parts of South America.

The local culture and history are also very unique. “Bable”, Asturian or Asturo-Leonese is the language people speak (apart from Spanish). Linguistically it is very close to Portuguese, Galician and Spanish, it was often considered a dialect but in fact it is an independent language.
This land hides many Romanesque churches and Celtic monuments well worth exploring.

You can also enjoy the sunshine on local beaches. If you are lucky enough you can have many warm and sunny days. Beaches are huge, beautiful and they are usually not crowded.


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