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The recent earthquake in Japan, with all its tragic consequences, nuclear or not, has deeply shockec the whole world. After the first moments of despair, many people started to take the initiative and arrange actions or projects in order to help the Japanese population.

Among these projects, we are glad to mention the one created by Lara Manni, blogger and writer (her novel, Esbat, was published in 2009 by Feltrinelli). Her idea is quite simple, but direct and effective: a group of artists – both professional and not – sent Lara a picture, a poem, a short story, a chapter from a book… All the material received has been uploaded on a website whose readers are able to enjoy these “art pills” for free: in return, they are asked to click on the banner of Save the Children Italy and donate as much as they can – even one euro makes the difference.

The result achieved by Lara is the website Autori per il Giappone (Authors for Japan), which is online from March 21st, with more than 10000 visits so far!

We managed to interview Lara Manni: here are her answers to our questions about the project.

How did you get the idea of creating something like Autori per il Giappone?
By chance. I was surfing the web when I noticed that in France and UK some writers and illustrators had launched similar projects.

Has anybody helped you to develop the website?

Yes, Valberici, a web friend who built the website in two days, and three other web friends, Diana, Vincent and Luciana, who are still posting the stories.

What feedback have you been receiving as regards the participation of the authors and the visits on the website?

We have already received four hundred works and 10000 visits, in some days we will provide more precise numbers.

Why did you decide to rely on Save the Children Italy?
We decided to contribute to Save the Children campaign because they are one of the most serious and active organizations and they have long-term projects too.

What about the future of Autori per il Giappone: is it a fixed term project?
No, there is no expiration date.

Are you still reading this article? Tip: click on, check it out and donate!


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