Away from home (1/4)

For the first interview of our series «away from home» we met Emilie. This young French woman is currently touring Australia, thanks to her working holiday visa. “I arrived last November and I travelled down the East Coast. I’ve seen Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne. Between cities, I’m “wwoofing”. It stands for willing workers on organic farms. Basically, you get room and board from a local and in exchange, you are committed to work for them – gardening, cleaning, looking after the livestock, etc. It’s really cool because you meet and live with real Australians!”

Sea, sand & sun

In Australia, Emilie gets the change of scenery she had been longing for as she used to live in Paris greater area. “People are just so friendly here! You go get a coffee and you are asked how you’re doing. Who asks you how your day is when you order a coffee in France?” And of course, sun, kangaroos, koalas, etc. If there is one thing the young French woman misses, it is French food! Especially “bread and cheese”, she says, laughing.

For the last two months Emilie has been living in Perth, in Western Australia. There, she makes crêpes in a café and works as a waitress in a Mexican restaurant to keep on funding her journey, which she carries out with her boyfriend. “It’s so much better not to be alone in such a big country. It’s nice to have someone you know when hard times happen.”

English from the other side of the planet

How does she find English in Australia? “It isn’t too hard to understand because I studied English in college and I hold a bachelor in languages. That being said, even with the benefits of having studied and a good level of English, I still don’t understand everything. The Australian accents are quite different from the British one! Still, it’s nice to hear.”

This should convince the most reluctant of us to start a journey abroad!


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