Away from home (2/4)

For the second instalment of our series “away from home”, I met the French globetrotter Guy who lives in Phibsborough, a district in the suburbs of Dublin. He has been living in the capital of Ireland for the last five years: “I always wanted to go to an English speaking country to learn to speak English fluently. An association next to where I lived in Valence, in France offered me a three month internship in Ireland, I took up the opportunity. Since then I have been working as a sales assistant in a toy and video game shop.”

At first, the Dublin accent was quite an obstacle for it is “a lot different from the English you hear at school! It takes a lot of time to learn a language, even one you have already learned in class. It takes patience, humility and motivation.” His secret for success? Work, live and go out with the Irish and “always avoid the pitfall of staying with French speakers.”

“Ireland is a fantastic country!”
Guy confesses being helplessly in love with the English language, even though he feel slightly nostalgic whenever he flies back to his homeland. “If it was not for speaking English, I would go back to France. France is so beautiful, so rich and so much bigger than Ireland. But don’t get me wrong, Ireland is a fantastic country! The Irish are very friendly too.”

The last five years were very rewarding though, much more than if he had spent them in college: “I am very proud that I can now speak English fluently and every day. No language course would have given me the same satisfaction. Learning by living is so much more stimulating and exciting! Living abroad has been bringing me a lot anyway. The differences in culture, history, etc. I can’t really explain why, but life also seems a lot easier here, somehow more laid back and less stressful.”

Guy leads his life with philosophy and enjoys every single minute of his time on the Green Island – “I don’t care where I’m going to be tomorrow, what matters is how I feel! We all want to be happy, it does not matter where.”


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