Language World Cup 2015

What is it?

The Language World Cup is an exciting competition among 64 languages. We are now at its third edition: the winner was Polish last year, and English in 2013. Every day, there will be a friendly match between two languages.


Why have we arranged the Language World Cup?

Because we want to know what your favourite language is!


How to get involved

You can vote for your favourite language by clicking on the t-shirt and you can follow the progress of the competition on the table displayed here. It is allowed to cast only one vote per match – fair play!


Key dates to remember



The results

The results will be disclosed on November 5th 2015 on


Be social!

Vote for your preferred languages every day and comment on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #blwc15



This contest is all about fun and languages. It is not related to any political or country-related support.


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