Language World Cup – The winner takes it all!

The Language World Cup 2013 competition has come to an end. We all fought fiercely for our favorite languages by voting every day and encouraging others to vote for our favorite languages, but in the end there can be only one winner.
Before announcing the winner of this competition, let’s have a look at what has happened during the contest: the last update was before the start of the 1/8 Finals. We had 8 brave winners, out of 16 competitors, who continued running in the competition: German, Italian, English, Polish, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian. Later, after more votes, language lovers decided to send four languages into the semi-finals of the Language World Cup 2013: Italian, English, French and Spanish.

The battle for the third place was staged between Italian and French and was won by French with 2282 of votes. And we finally reached the last and final round of the competition, which was between English and Spanish. Can you guess the winner? Yes, you are right, or maybe not… either way, the winner of the Language World Cup 2013 is English with 2066 votes in the final, the second place being occupied, of course, by Spanish with 2010 votes!

Overall we have gathered a total number of 77 571 votes and for that we would like to thank everyone who has been involved in this competition and supported their favorite language throughout the race. If you want to see the overall results of the competition you can check them at the following link.

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