Bangkok 101: You know you’ve been living in Bangkok for so long when…. Part 1

TH Bangkok1 intext1Bangkok or “The City of Angels” is Thailand’s capital city and the land of many different cultures and races. It is the first point of entry for thousands of backpackers who head to the beaches in Thailand and also a giant sprawling city that was appointed the world’s most visited city according to 2013’s Global Destination Cities Index Forecast. Bangkok will have you hypnotized by its capability to offer various choices and options from centuries-old temples, stunning skylines, traditional markets, chilling rooftop bars to its mind blowing nightlife!

TH Bangkok1 intext7eleven1. 7-Eleven is your best companion: 7-Eleven is one of Bangkok’s icons, you can find 7-Eleven in almost every corner of Bangkok. Your whole day is ruined if you find out that the nearest 7-Eleven in your area is closed due to renovations because your life in general comes from 7-Eleven.
TH Bangkok1 intextmetro2. Secret technique: Bangkok has two types of train, the sky train and the underground train. The trains in Bangkok are usually crammed especially during peak hours. Bangkokians know how it feels to catch the train just before the doors close and most of them have a special technique to squeeze themselves to be able to get into the train every morning.
3. Walk slowly/Jai Yenyen: Bangkok is unlike any other big cities in the world that most pedestrians walk faster than some people run. Even though, it is the capital city and home to millions of residents. But Thais are known as people with calm hearts. No matter what they do, they always have the phrase “Jai Yenyen” or “Be calm” stuck in their minds and of course, this includes walking.
TH Bangkok1 intextscooter4. Personal Motorbike guy: In the busy streets of Bangkok, motorbike taxis become another faster way to get around the city. Bangkokians have “Win-Mo-Sai” or their usual motorbike guy who knows their schedules better than their moms.
TH Bangkok1 Intextbeer5. Beer with ice: I’m sure all German would laugh about this ridiculous behavior, but in the heat and humidity of this tropical city, constantly putting ice cubes to your glass of beer is the only way to keep your beer refreshing! You might think putting ice in a glass of beer while you’re dining outdoor is already absurd, but if you start adding ice cubes into your drink when you’re in the restaurant with air-conditioning then you can definitely see yourself as a Bangkokian!

The rest of the list will be continued!


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