Bangkok 101: You know you’ve been living in Bangkok for so long when… Part 2

TH Bangkok2 intext16. The malls are places of the Holy Grail: On weekends, shopping malls and big department stores in the center of Bangkok are what you find most intriguing. Bangkok has loads of mega department stores, Siam Paragon, Central World, Emporium and the newly opened in May this year, Central Embassy, which is an ultra-luxury mall that comprises many high end designer stores, fine dining restaurants, bookshops and big cinemas. Wondering why they do not hang out in the park instead? NO, Thai people hate hot weather and would rather hang out at places that are “cool” enough instead.

7. You forget how to properly drive a car: Let’s start by saying that all the rumors and nightmares you have heard about Bangkok traffic are 100% true. For a city of more than 10 million people, streets are mushroomed with cars, motorcycles and vendors. Seriously, 5 or 6 kilometers distance can take more than an hour during peak hours. Bangkokians rarely walk, even in the short distance, due to the reason mentioned above: tropical temperature and humidity.

TH Bangkok2 intext28. You have the ability to spot a ladyboy within 20 meters: Asians tend to have more advantages when it comes to dressing and acting like women, Thai guys have feminine features on a level that it may become almost impossible to differentiate a ladyboy from a real woman. But of course, Bangkokians would know whether their new girlfriend or their friends’ new girlfriend is a dude!

9. You put chili sauce on top of everything: Thai love spicy food! Chili sauce or “Sri-ra-cha” sauce is what Thai people crave for when they’re abroad. In Bangkok, when you’re at McDonalds, KFC or Pizza Hut, the staff always offer chili sauce for their customers to intensify their pizza for a “fusion” flavor.

10. You drink your soda pop and coffee out of a plastic bag: This coca-cola or milk tea to go is very convenient for Bangkokians especially when they are in a rush. They can buy the “to go” bag at almost every local retail stores. No need to ask a friend to carry your cup of coffee when you want to find something in your purse or fumbled for some cash cause you can easily hold the plastic bag with the tip of your fingers.


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