Be different, visit Northern Brittany! Part two: the island of Bréhat

Ile de Bréhat
You need at least one entire day to visit the Ile de Bréhat. First, you need to take the ferry (around 15 minutes) at the pier l’Arcouest. To visit the island, you can rent a bike when you arrive at Port-Clos or just walk around it. There are many delightful things to see and to do in Bréhat.

You can start on the southern island with the citadel and the glass studios located inside of it. You will be amazed by the work of the glassblowers! A bit more north, on the west coast, stop at the Birlo tide mill, where boats used to tie up to load and unload their freight. It was renovated 20 years ago and has been listed as an historical monument.

Then head to the very charming main village called “Le Bourg”. You will find there many typical restaurants and cafés. If you continue in the direction of the northern island, you will arrive at the Pont Vauban, where the island is more narrow than anywhere else. The Pont Vauban was actually built in 1756 to connect the two islands together.

phare paon

From there, follow the path leading to the Phare du Paon, located all the way up north. The walk should take around an hour. The Paon lighthouse had been destroyed in 1944 during WW2 and was rebuilt in 1952. You can rest there for a while and enjoy the beautiful nature around you before heading back to the southern island!

Before taking the ferry back to the continent, stop at the Guerzido beach. The beach is protected by the wind and is facing south, perfect to rest and relax in the sun after a long hiking/cycling day!



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