Become an Independent Learner Part 2: The Bottomless Pit of YouTube

Learning a language no longer requires the student to trudge through monotonous grammar books and invest large sums of money for classes. Nowadays, learning a language can be free and a fun activity to do alone or with friends.

Last time, we talked about how children’s books can be a fun way to take those first baby steps towards the learning of a new language. Now, just like a mother eagle will push her young out of the nest to teach them how to fly, I will push you down the bottomless pit of YouTube. This article is all about how YouTube can become your new language learning toy. Possibilities are simply endless.

Now, let the fun begin:

  • Binge on Disney: One of the reasons why Disney movies are so appealing is the volume of languages they are translated to. You can find all your favorite Disney songs, study them, and learn to sing them in your target language. It’s worth mentioning that Disney’s songwriters are allowed to be as creative as possible so you will never find the same lyrics translated word for word to another language.

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  • Series focused on language learning: Back in the 80s and 90s people were discovering the potential of using television for language learning. Lots of series came out with interesting storylines and a focus on language learning. Some of them are now void of copyright and free of charge on YouTube. Notable examples are BBC 2’s Deutsch Plus and Channel 4’s [email protected], a series that comes identical in several different popular foreign languages.
  • Make your own Foreign Language Video Diary: This is super effective. You can read, talk or even sing anything you like as long as it is in the target language. You will get to practice your speaking ability and once you published the video you will be able to observe your own pronunciation and grammar errors. Seriously, investing some time in observing yourself from a third person perspective will do tons of good to you in every conceivable way. All you need is a webcam and some determination. Do it.



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