Before Leaving…

If you are planning to go abroad for a long period of time, it’s advisable to create a list with all the documents and pending issues that must be solved before our departure. From canceled bank accounts to lost documents such as the insurance, traveling is full of both good and bad experiences and we must be ready for them!

No matter where you are heading to, it is essential to check and finalize what comes next:

1. University Degree and diploma: Don’t ever leave home if you don’t have your university diploma. Most of the time, university requires our signature to authorize any other activity related to our degree. If possible, make sure that your parents or any other family member, will be able to conclude our applications or receive your diploma. Leave all documents they might need ready and organized and explain in detail to your family what will they have to do and when.

2. Photos: Make sure you have photos in different sizes and try to wear formal clothes when you take them. Take half of them with you and leave the rest at home. We are never 100% sure that we’ll not need them for transport ID’s, paperwork, applications, etc. There are some cities where you won’t be able to go unless you have a visa and sometimes you can only get it once you are in the country of interest.

3. Insurance: Leave copies of all the insurance documents! Show your parents or siblings the exact place where they’ll find everything. In case of emergency, it’ll be easier for them to find whatever they need.

4. Traveling tour or home address: Get copies of your tour so your family is aware of the places you’ll visit and when. This is just a precaution, remember that even the best plans have failures and it’s never wrong to provide more information than needed and especially to your parents. If you are going on exchange, look for the address of the dorms or flat you’ll be staying at and once again share it with your family.

5. Bank Accounts: In case you’ll carry your current credit cards, make sure they have enough money! If you are planning to stay abroad for a long time then it’s better to cancel your accounts by yourselves and avoid leaving troubles to your family. Make sure you’ll be able to use your credit cards in any country and the amount of money you’ll have to pay regarding the exchange currency. Most banks require paying some kind of fee for withdrawing money abroad! If you got a special bank account for the trip, remember to activate your card!

6. Passport and visa: What if you find an interesting job offer or study program? It’s always good to check if our passport or visas will be valid for more than 3 years or enough time to reach our goals. Getting a new passport in a country that is not yours could be quite complicated and time will be essential.

Once you are sure that your family will be able to deal with any issue, it’s time to finish your trip schedule and planning! There are many blogs that offer tips for travelers in order to have a great experience. Write down everything you need to do before, during and after your trip to avoid setbacks that might ruin your planning. This blog published once an article related to the most common travel mistakes, check it out!


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