Being a freshman in Denmark = FUN!

In Denmark, September is the month where old and new students start the university. For new students this means butterflies in the stomach, nervousness and great expectations. Some of the questions that go through your mind when starting the university are: where do I go, will people like me and will I make new friends?

In Denmark there is no need to worry. For new students their first day will start in the city centre where all new students from every study programme are gathered. Here they will eat breakfast with their new classmates, and then they will go to a conference centre where the mayor will hold a speech. A team of “older” students will be their tutors and they will tell them everything they need to know, and show them where everything is located on campus. More importantly, they will throw you and your fellow students many parties. In Denmark the first month will be all about partying, and getting to know the people who you are going to spend at least the next three years of your life with.

It is a tradition that the tutors have planned a long programme of parties and activities for the new students. But, the most important tradition, and one that everybody is excited about, is the fresher’s weekend. In Denmark they are known for being wild and funny – everything can happen. These parties usually take place somewhere else in a big hut and lasts for two days. The fresher’s weekend is basically all about drinking, having fun and getting to know each other under more relaxed conditions. A tradition that goes along with fresher’s weekend is that it will be a theme party, and everyone has to dress up in a costume.

As someone who has experienced the fresher’s weekend and all the other September university parties in Denmark, I can recommend every new student to go. This is where you find the people you get along with and stay friends with. But more importantly, it will most definitely be a lifetime memory!

Do you have any special freshmen traditions in your country?


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