Being a hipster is cool!

So far, my favourite city in the world is the British capital London. This is for many reasons, such as the multicultural population of the city, the red busses, the British accent, and the fashion. There are a couple of districts that I particularly like, such as Greenwich, Notting Hill, Chelsea and Camden. But above all there is one area which I fell in love with: Shoreditch.

Trendy Shoreditch
Shoreditch is in the northeast of the city and within the London borough of Hackney. The district, as well as Hoxton and Dalston, is home to many art galleries, bars and clubs and trendy people who do not want anyone else to know. Full of cake shops, bustling markets, vibrant graffiti pieces and great fashion, it is London’s secret all-nighter where those who step across its border are transformed and about to experience a night full of mischief and possibility. There is always something new to discover. It might be an underground dub-step club or a vintage dress with a great story behind it. You may find yourself walking around spending hours trying to find a boutique you liked, only to discover it has been replaced by a new-age café only serving organic dishes. Next week it might be a tattoo parlour or vintage camera shop.

Mustache, fixie bike and empty frames
Hipsters live in Shoreditch and made the district their own. The goal is mainly to look effortlessly cool and creative with expensive vintage clothes. This is where the hipster generation of the city have their “headquarters”, walking around in their skinny jeans, jute bags with funny pictures and words on them and take pictures with instagram to impress people with their carefree lifestyle.

‘Being a Dickhead’s Cool’
There is one song that describes the people and life of the hipsters in Shoreditch quite well. The lyrics mention how girls and boys, hipsters, change their appearance once moving into the Shoreditch area, living a cheery and relaxed life discovering the coolest spots in town first:

Have you been to Shoredtich before? What do you think about all this hipster movement? Or do you have some jute bags at home?


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