Being Danish in Hamburg

Hamburg is not very far from Denmark. No matter where in Denmark you come from, Hamburg is a very nice choice when going abroad for a while. Until now, I met many Danes, who said that originally it was only their plan to stay in Hamburg for three months, while doing their internship. Yet here they are two, five or even ten years after finishing their internship.

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As I came here and I was new, I was open to all the invites I could get, and one day, a colleague of mine asked me if I wanted to go to an event, hosted by InterNations. It sounded nice, so I came along. It was a great night, talking and networking with all kinds of people living in Hamburg. InterNations was founded in Munich, and has now groups all over the world.

Another thing I did in the beginning was going with a friend to Dabgo. Dabgo is a group of Danish people, living in Hamburg. Here it is also about networking and getting to know someone. Moreover, it is very convenient, that it is in Danish, as you can get a lot of tips and advice in your first language. In this way you are 100% sure you understand, what you need to do as a new citizen in Hamburg. Oh and did I mention people are super nice in Hamburg – do not hesitate to move here!



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