Berlin: City of crazy people and stuffed animals? – Part 1

You’re probably wondering whether these two facts are connected or I just created a tricky title to draw your attention. First option is correct, so go for it!

Into a geek’s apartment

We were 5 people (4 Brazilians and a Czech girl) staying at a friend’s (yes, another Brazilian) flat in Berlin. The flat was rented and it in fact belonged to a guy who I believe was some kind of genius. We could see in his apartment papers with chemical formulas stuck on all the walls, along with poetries, Bob Dylan posters and so on. There were also tons of books, from Chemistry to Psychoanalysis – and something tells me he actually read them all.

Usually, ordinary boring people, have living cats, dogs and birds; the nerd guy had two living snakes, some dead stuffed animals (among which there was an owl and a tattoo) and a horn. I bet inside your fridge there is beer, yoghurt, pizza and all this uninteresting stuff. Well, our eccentric friend has a hibernating turtle and small dead rats (to feed the snakes). Unfortunately, I did not have the pleasure to meet this guy, but his flat will remain in my memory and in my photos forever.

On the train I

On our way back from a useless club searching, there was this man playing guitar and singing Take Me Home, adding a nonsense ‘I love you’ by the end of the chorus. So far, it all seemed normal but then the people on the train started to sing along with the guy! I don’t know about other places, but where I come from we just look with indifference at these kind of things. So I felt as if we were inside a Hollywood musical in which people are just walking on the street or doing any daily activity when they suddenly feel the urge to sing and dance for whatever reason. And they were free enough to do so!

On the train II

There was this girl on the train with two arm casts and covering her face with a magazine upside-down. One of our friends started to talk with her and asked what had happened. She said she fell down of a bike – me and the Czech girl thought she would say she cut her fists or something – and went to this bar (!) where they offered her free drinks and nursed her (!). So, if in the previous situation I felt like in a musical, with this one we could be inside of a surreal Buñuel movie.

Almost a polyglot

We saw a kid we assumed was maximum 6 years old. He was first speaking in German, then Italian. Me and the Czech girl were pretty impressed with a boy this age already speaking two languages when my Brazilian friend came and said he was speaking in English with her. Apparently Berlin people are not only crazy, but also very smart. And yes, I know one can learn easier as a child, but I had never witnessed it before.

General impressions about Berlin…

Berlin seemed to me to be more lively than other cities in Germany – although I’ve only been to two so far. Sometimes it seemed more likely to hear people talking in Spanish than in German there. I got the picture in my mind that for big cities to be called as such they need to have a lot of high modern buildings. So, in certain regions of Berlin it didn’t look like a really big city to me. Oh! And for my great pleasure, there was snow! Snow during the spring, gotta love Europe!

(To be continued…)

What is the craziest city you have ever been to? Share it with us!


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