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The wonderful place of the internet is full of good music, including game music and music game covers. You can find endless lists of the best game music out there and go nuts for hours. Sadly enough, there are so many wonderful covers out there are not included in those lists. I would like to share with you my favourite 5 game music covers!

Civilization IV Theme – Peter Hollens & Malukah

I want to start off with two amazing a capella artists who worked together on the Civilization IV theme to make something amazing out of it. The original song itself already won a lot of prizes and was made by Christopher Tin. The cover was purely made by the human voice with the help of a small set of percussion instruments. The lyrics of “Baba Yetu” are the Swahili translation of the “Lord’s Prayer”. Amen!

The legend of Zelda – Zelda medley

Like every proper nerd, I thought The Legend of Zelda was a fantastic game with a lot of childhood memories to it. To finally hear one of the best songs out of it covered by the incredibly talented Lindsey Stirling, was like heaven to me. What makes it even better is that she is known for playing the violin while dancing, so make sure you watch the video clip too!

Kingdom Hearts – Dearly beloved

Ah, Kingdom Hearts: something that just can’t be left out of this list as the series has some of the best game music ever. The soundtrack of Kingdom Hearts is something that you just can’t get tired of and that included all the covers from Kyle Landry. My personal passion for the piano drew me to his channel like a bloodthirsty mosquito to the one arm sticking out from the covers at night. He has amazing skills when it comes to playing the piano and making songs even more beautiful. Most definitely check it out, especially if you’re into piano music like me.

Super Mario World – Overworld Theme Acapella

It’s time for me to introduce you to Smooth McGroove or how I like to call him: “A capella Jesus”. He makes covers of songs made with only his voice. The Jesus part should be obvious enough if you watch his videos. I selected the Overworld Theme from Super Mario World, a game well-known by practically everyone!

Battle with Gilgamesh – Final Fantasy V

Last but not least I am almost obliged to show you this cover of “Battle with Gilgamesh” (followed by “Prelude” and the “Main Theme”) from Final Fantasy V. The cover was made by “atokun111kyusyu“, an unknown wearing a dinosaur jumpsuit and rocking some red socks while playing this cover. His multitasking talent is incredible and will blow your mind as you will see him play 4 different music lines at the same time.far is in the comments below.



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