Best of April on Lexiophiles

We hope you all had a great April, we know Lexiophiles did! And although some articles were more successful than others, we still enjoyed writing them and we hope you enjoyed reading them. Like before, we put a Top 3 together of the previous month.

In 3rd place: Laurine‘s article on sexy times in Paris.

Coming across an interesting campaign in Denmark, she decided to share thoughts about the magical world of sex on vacation. A reward for having sex… in Paris! is about how a travel agency decided to anticipate on the fact that sex on vacation is very successful for the birthrate of Denmark. The article is accompanied by a great video that shows how the campaign should be executed (if you know what I mean 😉 )

In 2nd place: Montira‘s article about her favorite festival of the year in Thailand.

Songkran Festival: The Water Battle in Thailand!, describes how the Thai people celebrate their New Years. It is part of the Buddhist calendar, so by April 13th it was 2557 in Thailand. This festival comes with some great traditional activities like spending time with family and going to the temples, but the most prominent activity are the water-fights that happen on a large scale. Seems like a whole lot of fun, but be careful, it is known to cause some dangerous situations as well.

And in 1st place: Olya‘s article about Russian Idioms.

Be careful, translating Russian idioms can be very tricky. “Cut on your nose” – NEVER translate Russian idioms literally!, the title says it all. This article is a great guide for people traveling from and to Russian speaking countries. If you haven’t done so, I suggest you bookmark this article for future reference. Make sure you can sleep without back feet 😉

We hope you enjoyed these articles, and make sure to check in with us daily for more culture and language related articles!

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