Beyond “Ai, se eu te pego”… Great Brazilian songs!

Since I already pointed out some of the worst Brazilian songs in this article, now I would like to recommend some good Brazilian music. Needless to say that by ‘good’ I mean good from my personal point of view and, of course, from what I believe to be common sense.

One of the reasons I particularly like these songs is because I feel they are way more genuine than these new Brazilian songs we listen to through the media nowadays. I will quote some parts of the lyrics so you can have an idea of what the song is about. However, it might be important to keep in mind that when poems, songs etc. are translated they might lose its essence. Therefore, I would recommend you to listen to the songs as well. Most of the ones I will present now are an important part of Brazil’s history, as they were written during the dictatorship. Today I won’t prolong myself too much, instead I will leave space to some great songs that have almost no space elsewhere.

Feel free to share with us the good music from your country too!

Caetano Velozo – Alegria, Alegria (Joy, Joy)

Sem lenço, sem documento
Nada no bolso ou nas mãos
Eu quero seguir vivendo, amor
Eu vou…

No handkerchief, no documents
Nothing in the pocket or in the hands
I want to go on living, love
I will go …Why not, why not …Why not, why not …

Milton Nascimento e Chico Buarque- O que Será, que será? (What would that be?)

Os Mutantes – Panis et circenses

The leaves know how to search for the sun
And roots, to search, to search

Roda Viva – Roda Viva (Life Wheel)

Roda mundo, roda gigante
Roda moinho, roda pião
O tempo rodou num instante
Nas voltas do meu coração

World wheels, ferris wheel wheels
Mill wheels, spinning-top wheels
The time ran out in an instant
In the laps of my heart

Geraldo Vandré – Pra não dizer que não falei das flores (To say that I did not talk about the flowers)

Nas escolas, nas ruas
Campos, construções
Somos todos soldados
Armados ou não
Caminhando e cantando
E seguindo a canção
Somos todos iguais
Braços dados ou não

In the schools, on the streets
Fields, buildings
We are all soldiers
Armed or not
Walking and singing
And following the song
We are all equal
Arms in arms or not

Gonzaguinha – O Que é o Que é? (What is it, what is it?)

Ney Matogrosso – A ROSA DE HIROSHIMA (The Hiroshima Rose)

Lenine – Paciencia (Patience)

Marisa Monte – Dança da Solidão (Dance of Loneliness)

If you are in the mood for fun music, we also have some good ones, such as:

La Belle De Jour – ALCEU VALENÇA

Falamansa – Xote da Alegria

Falamansa – Rindo a Toa

Kid Abelha – Te amo pra sempre (I love you forever)

Kid Abelha – Pintura Intima


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