Bjr sava?

É non ya pa 2 fot ds ce titr, c just kil é écrit en langage SMS!Vs comprené pa tt?Vs inkiété pa je v vs expliké lé règl 2 baz é vs pouré envoyé d msg com d vré djeuns!

In proper French: Eh non il n’y a pas de faute dans ce titre ; c’est juste qu’il est écrit en langage SMS ! Vous ne comprenez pas tout ? Ne vous inquiétez pas, je vais vous expliquer les règles de base et vous pourrez envoyer des messages comme de vrais « djeuns » !

(Translation: No, there aren’t any mistakes in this title; it is just written in SMS language! Don’t understand everything? Don’t worry, I will explain the basic rules and you will be able to text like real the French youth)

The French SMS language, as implied by its name, is the language used to send text messages, but it is also, by extension, the language that is used more and more frequently (especially by young people) on the internet, in forums and in non-official emails.

Here are the two basic principles you need to know to be able to read French text messages easily, and to write your own texts in French as if you had done it all your life:

Abbreviations: in the example above, « ds » instead of « dans », « vs » instead of « vous », etc… These abbreviations often come from the way students write when they are taking notes at school or university.

Phonetics: it is used on two different levels. First, it is used to shorten « qu » into « k », for instance (in the text above, « kil » instead of « qu’il »). But some words also require the reader to think about what they would sound like if each letter was read out loud: for instance, « demain » is written « 2m1 », « quoi de neuf » becomes « koi 2 9 », and so on…

If you are still stuck when reading a text written in the SMS language, you can use this tool, which I found amusing. You copy and paste your text written in the SMS language, and the tool translates your text into proper French. As you can imagine, the results are not perfect, but it can help!

And even if it remains controversial, the SMS language is becoming more and more important beyond the internet and text-messaging: since the last few years, even novels are published in SMS!


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