#blwc15: Meet the participants!

The bab.la Language World Cup 2015 started last week (for detailed info about the tournament, check out the introduction article). This year, we have GREAT news to share with all the supporters: the languages competing are 64! We have decided to add a twist to the competition doubling the number of the participants and increasing the fun!

Some of the languages competing might sound very exotic to Europeans. Let us introduce some of them.

Among the competitors, we can find Indian languages such as Kannada, characterized by a syllabic script, and Telugu, whose first grammar dates back to the eleventh century AD! The language family to which both Kannada and Telugu belong to is Dravidian Languages.

Moving to Africa, two new languages are playing the bab.la Language World Cup this year: isiZulu, a Niger-Congo language and one of the official South African languages since 1994, and Northern Sotho, a Bantu language spoken mainly in South Africa. Thanks to the Oxford’s Global Languages Initiative, living dictionaries and interactive content are available for the language combinations English-isiZulu and English-Northern Sotho.

What about South America? We have not forgotten about it: Quechua is taking part in the competition! It is an official language in Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru, and counts between eight and ten million of speakers.

Among other languages spoken in Asia, we can find Javanese in the list of the participants. This language uses three different scripts: Latin, Javanese, and Arabic.

These are only some examples of the fascinating languages taking part in the bab.la Language World Cup 2015. To see the full list, have a look at the page of the competition.

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Good luck to all the languages participating!



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