#blwc15: Ready for the next phase!

After 32 matches, we are now excited to be in the 1/16 phase of the bab.la Language World Cup 2015!

You can see the results of the matches and the upcoming ones on the page of the competition.

What are the reactions of the supporters of the languages competing for the title of “Most Loved Language”?

Some are sure about the results:


(Portuguese will be the winner!!!!!)

Others are disappointed because their favourite language did not make it to the next round:


Making predictions:


(The problem is that German and Japanese will play against each other and one of them will be eliminated very soon. Italian has easy matches until the semifinals.) 

What language should be used to melt the heart of a woman?


Some users are dealing with a difficult question: what is the smell of a language?


But the important thing, it is that we are all having fun!




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